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Coral Lane, Masaki, Msasani Peninsula,
Dar es Salaam 2585, Tanzania M: +255-744-287-554
M: +255 742 795 880
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Rediscover Bliss with a Trip to Mbudya Island

Find yourself surrounded by pristine white-sand beaches and shimmering turquoise waters on an idyllic island paradise. Just a 15-minute boat ride from the busy cityscape of Dar es Salaam will take you to Mbudya Island where you can unwind in thatched huts and treat yourself to fresh seafood and refreshing beverages, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean. Lounge on the beach and soak up the sun, go for a swim, or enjoy a snorkeling adventure - there are many ways to have a great time at this popular day-trip destination.


Prices -

Entrance fee is Tshs 22,500 ($9.78) for foreigners and Tshs 2,000 ($0.87) for locals

Hours -



  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Sunbathing
  • Hiking


  • Where can I board the ferry to Mbudya Island?

    The ferry to Mbudya Island departs from the Slipway pier in Dar es Salaam. The boat ride costs around 40,000 TZN ($17.40) and the journey takes around 45 minutes each way. The ferries depart twice in the morning (9:30 am and 11:30 am) and the last ferry returns to the Slipway at around 4:30 pm.
  • How much will it cost to rent snorkeling gear?

    You can rent snorkeling equipment on Mbudya Island for around $15. The gear includes snorkels and fins. With clear waters that harbor numerous species of marine life, the island is a prime destination for some underwater exploration.

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