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Dar es Salaam 2585, Tanzania :
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Tanzania Tinga Tinga Market
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Tinga Tinga Art

Tanzania has produced many talented artists who paint in the style of traditional African hut paintings. Tinga Tinga is an African style of art made famous by Edward Saidi Tingatinga, a Tanzanian artist of the 1950s and 1960s who made the style popular. The style is known for its enamel colors, highly decorative patterns, guinea fowls and leopards and most recognizably the dots. The main market building in Tanzania features an art gallery and workshop space, that celebrates and showcases this beautiful art that truly reflects the heritage of Tanzania and Eastern Africa.


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  • What is the Tinga Tinga Arts Co-operative Society (TACS)?

    Tinga Tinga™ is a renowned type of African art created by artist Edward Tingatinga in 1968. In 1990, Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society (TACS) was established by the family of Edward Tingatinga which produces paintings and products under the trade name Tinga Tinga™. Today, TACS has sub-licensing agreements with World entities such as Walt Disney, FIFA, and BBC.
  • What is Tinga Tinga?

    Tinga Tinga is art style originating from East Arica and created by Tanzanian artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga. The colorful style is known for its enamel paint, decorative patterns, repetitive use of animals and most notably – the secret dots.

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